Tuesday, 08 July 2014
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This is one of the most frequently asked questions in store, as you grapple with what does "Lyocell" mean or "Viscose"?
Lots of you love the traditional fabrics like cotton, silk and linen because you know what they are but tend to shy away from some lesser known, but equally luxurious fabrics. Be afraid no more!

This fibre is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees and is obtained by an organic spinning process, so is Eco friendly. It is absorbent, wrinkle resistant and can take on the appearance of cotton or silk. Tencel is the brand name of lyocell. Loved and well used by Marimekko and By Malene Birger. Shop By Malene Birger:

By malene birger synna sweatshirt model

This is the European cousin to Tencel, made from reprocessed cellulose, primarily wood pulp. It breathes like cotton, drapes beautifully and feels like silk, we have a Second Female dress in this fabric and I was convinced it was silk. Shop here: 

palma dress 2

Not as well known as linen, but nevertheless, one of the oldest fabrics and used in Egypt to wrap mummies!
Made from a plant called China Grass, a species of nettle, and has very similar properties to linen. Great incorporated into knitwear to create the interesting textures found in Crea Concept pieces. Shop Crea Concept:


The fibre is often made from beech trees and has the benefits of being very water absorbent and is silky smooth and soft. Perfect for luxurious basics which Marc Aurel does so well. Shop Marc Aurel:

Marc Aurel Fashion Shop Online


Structurally this fabric is very similar to cotton ( but must be cold washed!) and is made from wood cellulose. Just had a look through the rails and there are some great Marella and Marimekko pieces which at first glance look like cotton, but actually made using viscose. Shop here:

Marimekko Kot Kot Top Shop Online

The beauty of all these fabrics is that they can be cold-washed too.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014
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Whenever I go on my travels for Liberties I have a fail-safe "uniform" for travelling in the cities and going to showrooms, and it takes five minutes to pack. However, going on holiday had been a minefield of over-packing or forgetting something essential like flip flops - but a couple of years ago I decided to make a list and stick to it!

Here are my suggestions:

Flip Flops - Ilse Jacobsen do great ones with bit of sparkle.
Sarong - doubles as a scarf, dress, beach wrap etc, mine is by EMU.
Maxi Dress - my pick this season is from Ilse Jacobsen.
Cotton T-Shirts in a couple of colours - the By Malene Birger "Dawn" is my staple.
Espadrilles, give you a lift, but crucially you can walk in them! Got the beige Ilse Jacobsens this year.
Going - out Top with some nice detail - Marc Aurel have some lovely pieces.
Cotton (my choice is white) jeans by Pieszak.
Shorts (not too short for me anymore) in a soft denim from Seasalt.
Light weight summer jacket / knit - my favourite one is from Malene Birger...

Thursday, 22 May 2014
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So, it's now the time for planning my fashion buying for next Spring/Summer 2015.
Looking forward to seeing what trends are forecasted and trying to figure out what the Liberties customer will be looking for and love.

Simply put, I want to be inspired and covet the things I see. The enjoyment I get from shopping for the shop, customers, and yes I admit it, myself, I hope you also feel when you buy pieces from us.

Appointments so far are booked with Orla Kiely, Pinko, Marella, and the very best Danish designer, By Malene Birger - my own personal label-crush!

And speaking of brands, we are so excited to have Pinko in Liberties. Creativity and quality are core values for Pinko. They focus on textile-styling research and superlative Italian workmanship to meet the needs of various types of consumers, women of different ages and personalities. It's a luxury product that many can appreciate and enjoy.

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Thursday, 08 May 2014
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At Liberties we're all about fashion, art and design- we love to share our finds with you. In store and now online too we are selling gorgeous clothes, gifts and home-wares and here in the blog we will keep you in the mix with our news, discoveries from near and far and give you a feel of the store.

Our customers are our constant inspiration. We love listening to what you're into and discovering what makes you tick. Whether its organic toiletries form Achill Island to fashion from leading international designers, intricate details, superior craftsmanship and sensuous textures - it is our continual quest to venture out and source unique and special collections.

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Tuesday, 07 August 2012
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BY MALENE BIRGER is an international designer brand offering affordable luxury to a growing base of modern-minded consumers worldwide. The Danish designer focuses on modern femininity with signature pieces such as slouchy tailoring, electric print and pattern or bold use of colour but she also puts emphasis on monochrome to ground and give perspective. 
BY MALENE BIRGER has created a highly-esteemed brand with enormous success in the eight years since its inception. Reflecting Malene Birger’s personal sense of style, impeccable workmanship and attention to details, adored by women from a variety of cultures all around the world. BY MALENE BIRGER is the recipient of numerous design awards and recognitions, including “Brand of the Year” at the Dansk Fashion Awards.
This year the brand celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a spectacular fashion show watched by over 1000 people.
For more information on BY MALENE BIRGER visit her site: